Fret saw frames

Small fret saw frame

Suitable for accurate cutting
8mm aluminium tube
Cutting depth 135mm
Weight: 75g

Medium fret saw frame

The most favourite and practical size
12 mm aluminium tube
Cutting depth 215mm
Weight: 140g

Big fret saw frame

Suitable for bigger cutting depth need
12 mm aluminium tube
Cutting depth 345
Weight: 170g

The space inside the frame tube is filled with beech roundwood for strenght connection between frame and handle.

Clamping plates are fitted with profile notches to witch the M6 screw head is pressed in, so that they are locked and firmly welded on.   

Fret saw blades

The circular -bladed saws are designed for cutting out complicated and decorative shapes in wood, plastics, horn or even mild goldsmith´s and light metals.When cutting metals please use emulsion or oil.You can work faster, and extend your tool life.

Special edge geometry allows self-cleaning tool function and higher cutting speed.

Cutting tools show high tensity and simultaneously maintain sufficent hardness.

Thin thickness and properties of cutting tools together with Aluminium frames represent the best option for professional cutwork of the most precisious shapes.
                Supplied thickness for 13 cm lenght:

        0,25                    0,35                    0,40                    0,50
String saw for handymen - 10m
( 0,25 - 0,35 - 0,40 mm )